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Dylan Magee

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As of 11.21.18
Partial List of Dylan Magees
known addresses added to bottom
of website

As of 11.14.18
Dylan Magee has threatened 4 of my
clients with lawsuits and pretends
to be the victim

As of 11.10.18
Former Office Worker:
Dylan Magee has spent 26 weeks
out of the last 3 years doing
drugs and MIA from work

As of 09.12.18
Dylan Magee's father told my
clients to sue his son
to get their money back

As of 07.25.18
Dylan Magee has been seen
by multile people to be
high on drugs

As of 04.08.18
Dylan Magee stole a cash bonus
from the Scard Road Wallingford
job, that was intended for a
contractor and failed to claim
cash to the IRS

As of 09.07.17
Dylan Magee has been charged
with: Story
second-degree threatening
disorderly conduct
third-degree criminal mischief

As of 09.05.17
Dylan Magee threatens to kill


This website was created to show the truth about Dylan Magee of True Source LLC formerly of Pro Source LLC Farmington Connecticut
This website was commissioned by contractors and clients that have been screwed by Dylan Magee. Many of thier statements appear in the first person as written by them
If you have information you would like to add to this website please contact dylanmageescammedme@gmail.com
This website will be updated regularly and sent to all Dylan Magee's contacts, friends and family
The goal of this site is to be the first result when some one searches for Dylan Magee.
I am keeping the names of the people Dylan Magee has screwed over private as he is a violent man and some of my clients are sleeping with their firearms near by.

Known parties to be affected by Dylan Magee directly or through Pro Source

Dylan Magee has ruined the lives of so many people. Here is a small list of those affected by his crimes, this list will continue to grow...

A word to Dylan Magee's Friends and Family

You are Dylan Magee's only hope
Dylan Magee may have the appearance of a successful business man, but he is not. The money that he has is not his own. The examples at the bottom of the page show just a few cases where he stole money from clients, not to mention the numeous dollars stolen from contractors. Dylan Magee's daughter is only able to go to college because he has taken money from other people do accomplish that. He has not earned that money legally. Dylan Magee has money to hire a new employee but not pay the contractors what he owes them.

I have personally witnessed Dylan Magee under the influence of drugs. It has been reported by other contractors that he has taken drugs for years. Dylan Magee needs an intervetion by his family and friends. You guys may not know these things and its my intention to get this information in front of the people that do care for him.

I have spoken to people who have wondered why no one has killed him yet. If he has cheated so many people he is bound to mess with the wrong person sooner or later. The path he is on will see him die by drugs or at the hand of someone who wont take his criminal acts. If you really love Dylan Magee, now is the time to act, dont delay!

A word to Dylan Magee

You need help
Your Townline road Plainville land lord knows of your crimes as do your neighboring tennants
The realestate agent that helped you get that place knows of your crimes
Your Father told our clients to sue you
If you leave the state this website will follow you, we have a private investigator on stand by to assist us if that happens
Your attempt to scare 4 of my clients with law suits has failed. They all welcome that day in court.
All of the people that you have screwed over have become a network and communicate regulalry amongst themselves.
Our clients have stood in front of you as you lied to them and they were checking what you said, as you said it, with other parties to see if you were speaking the truth
If proof that your life has changed for the better and its satisfactory to my clients this website will be deleted.

Dylan Magee at Burns-Magee Group

Dallas / Fort Worth Texas
Dylan Magee has not been working for Burns and Magee group for some time. When I brought up Dylans criminal activities to Mark Burns and he purged his website of references to Dylan Magee. Mark hasnt disclosed why Dylan Magee isnt working with them any more, but I intend to find out
Burns-Magee website before criminal acts were known
Burns-Magee website after criminal acts were known
Dylan Magee Dylan Magee

Dylan Magee at Pro Source

200 Mountain Road Farmington Connecticut
Dylan Magee and a partner ran Pro Source LLC, a construciton company, for 5+ years together. I worked with them from the start as a sub contractor. They started out ok with a grand vision, now its very laugable how it all ended. Half way into the life of Pro Source things started to go sideways. They always needed the deposit for the newest job to pay the contractors for the last. They were burning through money, with their high flying life styles. At the end both partners were blaming each other for the company woes. Honestly they both were to blame. With just enough construction knowledge between them to constantly under bid jobs.

Dylan Magee's Downfall

According to first hand knowledge of someone who worked in that office every day, Dylan Magee spent 26 weeks of the last 3 years at Pro Source doing drugs and not showing up for work
Dylan Magee's doesnt own a house, so when his girlfriend broke up with him and kicked him out of her house, Dylan Magee spiralled out of control very quickly. He started illegally living out of his office in Plainville Connecticut and stopped going to his active jobs. He left everyone on the hook, his clients, employees and sub contractors. Thats when he took the money that he owed his sub contractors and spent it on cocaine and whores on the berlin turnpike. For 2 weeks he was gone. No one could get a hold of him, and when he did come back he pretends like everything is ok and he just had a little bump in the road and he's fine now.

Dylan Magee's threatens the people he screws over

Frivolous Lawsuit
Dylan Magee has threatened many of the clients I am creating this website for. He is currently trying to figure out who I am so he can sue me aswell.
Dylan Magee has secretly recorded people with out their knowledge in violation of these Laws and uses that information to financially punish the people in those conversations

A partial list of Dylan Magee's jobs that went sideways

West Hartford

[Residential client – 2014 ]
Dylan Magee took deposit money to start drywall renovations
Went to the casino and gambled the deposit money away.
Called the home owner, while intoxicated, and told them someone stole their deposit check.
Dylan's business partner had to drive to the home owners house and write a check to cover their lost deposit.

West Hartford

[Ellsworth Road. Commercial Client - 2018]
Dylan gets a referral to do this job for a friend.
$40,000 contract for some offices to be framed in a open area (very easy job, hard to mess up)
Dylan promises a 6 to 8 week completion time (which was very doable)
The Job takes close to 6 months to complete
Dylan collects about $36,000 from the tenant. The job starts out smoothly and on schedule.
Once the competent sub contractors leave, the job falls apart very quick. Dylan sent incompetent hourly workers.
Dylan takes drugs and stops answering the phone and doesn't show up to the job and fails countless inspections with the town.
Dylan submits a bill for $17000 in extras. Which is not legitimate, and is now suing tenants for the $17000 in extras.


[Residential Client - 2016]
Dylan Magee over billed a single mother with a child on a farm an extra $100,000 + and did not provide any labor to justify that extra charge.
Dylan Magee and Pro Source either were sued or threatened to be sued and they paid the lady her money back


[Broad Street. Commercial Client – 2017 through 2018]
Dylan Magee and Pro source miss-classified their employees and sub contractors and owe $250,000+ to their insurance company, and no doubt faced serious fines from the state.


[Scard Road. Residential Client – 2018]
Major addition / in-law apartment and garage
The job was 98 percent complete when Dylan Magee screws up his life with drugs and didnt show up to any of his jobs for almost 2 weeks.
Gets kicked off the job
Dylan Magee doenst pay most of the contractors and the concrete contractor puts the house in foreclosure the poor home owner looses his house

North Granby

[Residential Client – 2018]
One of the many jobs that went sideways after Dylan's 2 weeks with drugs

New Britian

Brookside Road. [Residential Client – 2016]
Dylan Magee is kicked of the job by the homeowners after submitting invoices for extras and not documenting what they were for.
Dylan's partner tries to salvage the job, but Pro Source and all sub contractors are kicked off the job and are not allowed back on
Final payment to Pro Source was withheld and most sub contractors were paid less even if they completed thier work.


[Residential Client – 2015]
Dylan Magee screws up the job again, and gets all Pro Source sub contractors kicked off the job.
No one is allowed back on the job, not even to collect tools and supplies.
The last payment is withheld and many subs loose large chunks of their pay even if they completed their work


[Residential Client – 2018]
Dylan Magee installs new roof for client in Bethany, and builds addition to existing house.
The roof leaks on the first rain storm and destorys all the drywall in the original house.
Dylan Magee didnt fix the issue, he just walked off and left the customer with an unfinished, leaky, partially gutted house
This client is suing Dylan Magee for a new house (several hundred thousand dollars)

Publicly available addresses for Dylan Magee

He is currently homeless sleeping out of his office